Individual health services (optional services, IGeL)

The statutory health insurance scheme does not pay the costs of so-called “Individuelle Gesundheitsleistungen” (individual health services, IGeL). Sometimes, however, medical measures exceeding the service offered by the health insurance scheme make sense and are recommendable. Therefore, we offer you several individual health services (according to the German medical fee schedule, GOÄ) apart from the treatments of the statutory health insurance scheme and also advise you in this matter.

Extended cancer prevention for men

DThe preventive medical examination recommended by your health insurance scheme contains a physical examination of the body, inspection of the skin, palpating of the external genitals as well as rectal palpating of the prostate and an examination for faecal occult blood (every 2 years). It does not contain any ultrasonic examination of the urologic organs, no examination of urine and tumour markers which we can detected in both urine and blood.

We propose the following examinations as a supplement to guarantee thorough prevention / early cancer diagnosis:

  • Sonography of the kidneys, bladder, incl. transrectal sonography of the prostate and the seminal vesicle on both sides.
  • Urine examination: rapid test, cultures for bacteria and fungi
  • Blood examination: PSA test, CEA test
  • Bladder cancer rapid test


Kidney urinary bladder prevention for women

We offer a preventive medical examination of the urologic organs for women. This contains the following services:

  • Sonography of kidneys and bladder
  • Urine examination: rapid test, cultures for bacteria and fungi
  • Hormone level check
  • CEA test
  • Bladder cancer rapid test


PSA test

The determination of the prostate-specific antigen (PSA) together with the free PSA may serve the early diagnosis of prostate cancer. Furthermore, it provides the possibility of monitoring the response to therapies by tumour patients. Already a small amount of blood suffices to determine the PSA value.


CEA test

The carcinoembryonic antigen (CEA) is a tumour marker which may indicate various cancer types (like e.g. bowel cancer). Already a small amount of blood suffices to determine the CEA marker.


Bladder cancer rapid test

The determination of the tumour marker may indicate bladder cancer. A urine sample of the patient suffices to determine the marker.


Sterilisation in men

There are many good reasons for sterilising men. Be it the conclusion of family planning, not coping with other contraceptives or considering them as an inconvenience or if health-related problems for the partner or child are to be expected in a new pregnancy. Therefore, we offer sterilisation as a method of contraception for men at our practice.

This short surgery is normally performed under local anaesthesia and cuts both spermatic ducts thus interrupting the sperm flow. Many men have unfounded fears that their potency or the libido could be compromised by a sterilisation. Erection and orgasm, however, do not change. Many men even have an increased sexual desire after the surgery because the sex is freer and more relaxed.

Sterilisation has the goal of establishing permanent sterility, contracepting safely without affecting one’s own or the partner’s hormone balance, not relying on the use of chemical agents or other contraceptives and maintaining the untroubled joy of sexual activities.

Ultrasound check of the blood vessels

Circulatory disorders can be a cause for potency problems (erectile dysfunction). Therefore, it can make sense to perform a Doppler sonography of the blood vessels in case of an erectile dysfunction to locate the cause of the problem.